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Stop Murdering Innocent Black People, Assholes

This blog post is prompted by an interaction I had on twitter this morning. I was told to change things with my white privilege. I mentioned being sad because I read a comment in which a woman lumped all white people together saying they don’t care and they enjoy these types of things, like the … Continue reading

I Lost my Modesty and Shame at 15

This might happen to different people for different reasons, and of course, at different ages. I am sure there are also many people who still have these characteristics. The reason it happened to me then is because I was constantly put on display in hospital gowns when I was young. At the hospital where I … Continue reading

Black and White Dualism

The idea of “race” has always interested me. I still agree with the idea that it’s a social construct. I’m not at all a history buff; the only time I liked reading about in high school was the Civil Rights Movement. I discussed institutionalized racism in one of my CSET essays. Yesterday a boy said … Continue reading

Turkey: A Lament.

Let me tell you how I loathe turkey. Every year people are determined to follow tradition and serve turkey, no matter how horribly they make it. If it isn’t made incredibly dry, it’s usually just cold by the time it’s served. I’ve heard tales of delicious turkey being served (the stories usually include it being … Continue reading

Blogging…being social online

All signs pointed to blogging today; it’s been forever. I read Amanda Palmer’s patreon email that first made me want to write, and then Allison Volk tweeted a quick video that got me wanting to blog. I used to blog all the time, years ago. It was fun to have a little community of peeps … Continue reading

Weight, Image, OKC

A couple tweets recently made me want to write about this OKC (the site, not the city) experience I had a few years back. I first went to meet one guy for dinner. He was really into swing and swing dancing. His pics looked fun. When I met him he was a decent amount heavier … Continue reading

Sleeping Mind

When I watch a tv show a lot, it’s usually inevitable that I have at least one dream about it. I’ve been binging on Criminal Minds and had a dream with a couple of the characters yesterday (sans crime case). I once had a Dawson’s Creek dream too. I insert myself into the dreams with … Continue reading


I started writing this blog post one day and didn’t save a draft, so it was erased. I didn’t like how the writing sounded anyway. I just started to write it again. I asked twitter “What motivates you?” and so far I have two people who said “nothing” and one who said “boredom.” I’m usually … Continue reading


I know I haven’t blogged on here in forever and never posted the entry I mentioned in the first post, but I decided I need to write about this topic. There has been a lot of conversation on twitter since a man killed some women because they weren’t interested in him. I’m sure you’re all … Continue reading

So, I’m not really sure what this blog is going to be. I thought about it being “based on true events” and embellishing them to make them more fun/interesting, which I might do sometimes. There will definitely be real things without names or perhaps fake names of people. Just going to give the link to … Continue reading

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